Thursday, March 12, 2020

Paying Attention

Are people paying attention yet? 
Is the shut down of travel and large groups of people making you think again about how serious this is? 

Why are people still traveling and taking cruises? 

Here is what I have learned lately, from various news organizations and special reports via the POTUS and other leaders all over the WORLD, along with several financial wizards and doctors: 

I say this not to instill panic, but rather just to remind everyone to take a nice deep breath, get your thoughts together and have your assets at hand, including cash and a full dry pantry of foods and items that you eat and use every day. If the banks are so well capitalized like the president says, then there should be no problem with you taking your money. Right? 
Be savvy and use your intelligence to take care of yourself and your family. That’s all you need to do. 
You have to put yourself in that mindset without panicking because The moment you panic is when you become a senseless nobody. 
Simply take a breath and take care of yourself. Breathe. You got this

Here are some things that you may have already noticed:
The ultra rich have cashed out of stocks and banks and retreated to their “self-Quarantine” bunkers. 
Your retirement, stocks, bonds and savings accounts are starting to disappear With an inverted yield curve and rates falling towards NEGATIVE. 
Big corporations and government organizations, along with the federal reserve (which is a PRIVATE, NOT GOVERNMENT organization of mafia thiefs) are making you pay for their bail outs. 
The biggest world sports are being shut down and big events are being canceled, worldwide. 

Martial Law (state of emergency in which military has been called to station) has been initiated in some cities right here in our country, with much more expected with this long expected designation of “global pandemic” for the virus making its rounds since late 2019. ...while our so called leaders shake their heads in disbelief about what they should really do about the confusion in everyone’s heads. Nobody wants to believe it is really happening in the good ol USA. 

This could be the greatest disguised wealth transfer performance that ever happened! (Just today, it was announced that the Federal Reserve is going to begin its infiltration of the markets by buying all of the maturities with magic money printed out of thin air 
and, get this, 
the federal reserve is pumping $1.5 TRILLION into it right now, along with all the billions they’ve been pumping for months now!!!!!! And the market is STILL crashing almost 2,000 points on this one day alone. Hmmmm 
Holy crap batman!! ) 
Among our leaders, there is an obvious lack of will to provide the necessary materials and testing as well as strategies to contain this virus in our country. Dr. Fauci admits that there is a definite lack of test kits and materials needed for the intensive care people who will require it, and he admitted that mistakes are being made 
as they continue to gather information. 
This country is more than capable of pulling together what is necessary, but the lack of will (compassion) is overwhelming! Very serious mistakes and oversight are being made. 
Meanwhile, I see what other countries are doing and what they are experiencing and it makes me want to scream. Lessons should be learned and action should be taken. People need to be prepared to take care of themselves unless they need intensive care at the hospital. People need to voluntarily self Quarantine, because the hospitals cannot take an overload of patients all at once. We can control how fast it spreads if we take serious measures right now. Maybe it will be less overwhelming to the hospitals if more people took it seriously to stop or slow down the spread if they are sick and know it. That can’t stop the asymptomatic people, but is sure helps to play it safe if symptoms are obvious. 

 So tell me now, is it just the flu? 

Plan, perform, prevail and prosper. 

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