The Solar Power Core Online e-Book

QuadraTeq Solar Power Core

You need mobile power now! On the road or in your home, you can run and charge electronic systems, such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, lighting systems, cameras, security systems, communication radios, 12-volt and 120-volt appliances, tools, etc.
  •  Save hundreds of dollars!
  •  Simple and easy!
  •  Portable, safe and clean for you and your family! 
  •  Absolutely silent!
  •  Excellent for emergencies, recreation or anywhere power is needed! 

We lived off this system while running our business and traveling and camping for four straight months. We did not have a gas generator. Our survival depended on this Power Core.

Our portable Renogy and Ramsond 350-watt system ran two laptops, cell phones, tablets, charging batteries (including our vehicle battery),  lighting systems, hand-held power tools, as well as a 12-volt RV pump for our showers--a lot of it at the same time.

Get it now for a simple 50-watt system to which can be adjusted and easily adapted to a 5-watt system or up to a 400-watt mobile powerhouse system! eBook is $4.99

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