Friday, March 27, 2020

Get Your Shotgun Out of Your Closet!

Decades ago, I had a side hauling and moving business to earn extra cash. I had many clients who at the last minute would call me up to help move their belongings out of a residence into a U-haul or moving company trucks. On numerous occasions, clients would be in a rush and ask that I would just fill up the big moving boxes with their cluttered closet items.  Too numerous are the times I would come across firearms stuffed behind boxes of clothes and junk. The clients would react in surprise as they would claim, "I forgot I even had that in there!" Commonly, it was a loaded 12 gauge pump shotgun, the common core weapon for home defense.

This common events got me to think, "If you really were a target for home invasion, it would be all over, but the crying!"

The question is, how many of you out there have the same cluttered mess of closets. Be honest with yourself, we are all guilty of stuffing our closets and closing the door to deal with it sometime down the road.

 In the U.S. there are over one third of households that have guns. There are millions of shotguns sitting in closets waiting to be called upon in case of a life threatening event. Unfortunately, though there are high numbers of shotgun ownership, only less than one percent actually have it easily accessible and train proficiently with it for defense.

Get your shotgun out of the closet! 

Reorient yourself with your primary core defense weapon. Defending yourself and loved ones is your responsibility and NOT THE POLICE. Get to your local gun range and practice. Don't know what you are doing? Seek professional help with a certified NRA instructor! Many ranges actually hold group classes for minimal cost and sometime free! This will build camaraderie and form an excellent knowledge base to appreciate your home defense shotgun. For your house, not only train yourself, but also qualified loved ones to use the shotgun.

Put your weapon in a conspicuous secure location where a clear, quick ease of access is suitable. Keep the weapon in a secure mount. The secure mounts have many type of lock systems from simple keypad to bio-metric readers. This is great if you have small children in the house.
Regardless, the weapon serves no purpose acting a clothes hanger in a closet loaded which could ultimately be more dangerous to you and your loved ones than any home invader.

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